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Accounting Services

Processing of accounting documents and communication with state institutions are common and utterly important processes. We aspire to optimal results, which we achive with our partners-clients through:

  • establishing an effective accounting and financial management;
  • regular communication and cooperation;
  • consultations on everyday activities.

We organise and optimise the accounting and financial process.

We provide precise, clear and timely information about on-going or already-made changes in the law, your financial condition and as solid estimates as possible. Thus, you will be always informed and able to make the right decisions for your business.

Operative Accounting

  • Current processing of primary accounting documents;
  • establishing financial result each month;
  • VAT registration and de-registration;
  • preparation of VAT declarations and handing in at NRA;
  • refunding VAT each month or every three months;
  • reporting of long-term material or immaterial actives;
  • preparation and submission of INTRASTAT declaration;
  • online banking (if the clients wants to have one);
  • Consultation for optimising your taxes;
  • tracking the deadlines for payments or submission of documents to state institutions;
  • taking and caryring documents from/to the office of the client;
  • informing and consulting on the changes in the law;
  • representation and defence of the company in front of state institutions (NRA, NSSI);
  • Constant communication.

Payroll Services

  • Monthly preparation and storing of all documents related to salary and staff;
  • Registration of labor and of civil contracts
  • Registration of a self-insured person;
  • Keeping track of tax and insurance obligations;
  • Submission of declaractions every month;
  • Preparation of payment orders for insurances and taxes every month;
  • Preparation of the required documents for length of service, as well as making entries in the occupational license when signing a labor contract or leaving a job;
  • Consultations on the form of hiring employees;
  • Preparation of certificates
  • Preparation of documents for sick leaves and submission to NSSI;
  • Calculation of salary, insurances and taxes.

Annual Accounting Closing

  • Preparation and submission of annual tax declarations to NRA;
  • Preparation and submission of reports to NSI;
  • Preparation and publication of an annual financial report in the Commercial Register.
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