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Financial and Accounting Analysis

The effective management of every company is based on clear diagnosis of the state of finances and property. The diagnosis reveals the current situation and predictions for further development can be made. It is a prerequisite for the identification of deviations from the planned results. The analysis of the reasons for such circumstances guarantaees the fulfilment of the goals set.

Financial and Accounting Analysis reveal the overall state of the enterprise from the point of view of liquidity, financial autonomy, indebtness, effectiveness, development in time, market success and so on. These are solid arguments for successful management and economic prosperity.

The Financial Statement Analyses that we offer to you are:

  • to determine your financial position;
  • comparative financial statement analysis of different statement periods;
  • financial statement analysis of the current accounting information;
  • predicting, planning and budgeting the activities;
  • track and control of the execution of the financial policy.
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