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Business in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country with favorable tax rates – lowest in the European Union and amongst the most profitable worldwide. This creates an appropriate business environment with perspectives for successful entrepreneurship.

The geographical situation of Bulgaria as a border between Europe and Asia contributes for the development of international trade, logistics and production with export purposes. A big advantage is also the fixed exchange rate of the BGN to the EUR. All these benefits make the destination a favorite place for outsourcing many international companies.

The registration of a company in Bulgaria takes not more than 3 days.

The administrative expenses are approximately 76 BGN / 38 EUR

The minimum capital requirement for the establishment of a limited liability company is only 2 BGN / 1 EUR, and for joint-stock companies – 50 000 BGN / 25 000 EUR

Issuance a VAT identification number is for free. The procedure is carried out within about 2 weeks.

With a registered VAT identification number the company can easily trade on the European Market.

The advantage of the VAT identification number in Bulgaria is that if there is a tax credit, the unused VAT can be refunded every three months.



Registration of a company – 3 days;

Administrative expenses – 76 BGN / 38 EUR

Minimum capital requirement for Ltd – 2 BGN / 1 EUR

Minimum capital requirement for JSC – 50 000 BGN / 25 000 EUR

Issuance of VATIN – 14 days – 0 lv.


Information about tax and insurance rates:

Corporate tax – 10%;

Dividend tax – 5%;

Personal income tax – 10%;

Social Securities (employee) – 13.34%;

Social Securities (employer) – 18.36%;

VAT – 20%.


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