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Accounting Services

Operative accounting, Payroll services, Annual accounting closing

Establishing an effective accounting and financial management;

Regular communication and cooperation;

Consultations on everyday activities.


Financial and accounting analisys

The effective management of every company is based on clear diagnosis of the state of finances and property. The diagnosis reveals the current situation and predictions for further development can be made.

Company Registration

Registration of a company, Re-registration of a company

We offer you fast and easy registration of a company. The service can be accomplished entirely online.


Independent financial audit

Reports, certified by a registered auditor, bring about higher levels of trust. The audit provides reliable information for verification by an independent expert, the accuracy of the reports is confirmed and the truthfulness of the information is proven.

Tax Advisory

Taxes and social securities

Constant actualization according to the on-going enactments;

Truthful definition of the processes which are subject to the taxation;

Planning and optimization of the tax and insurance obligations.

We believe in intelligent business